New Book! Reindeer Games are Here!

sleigh rideIt’s here! My holiday book (adults only!), Sleigh Ride, is available from Changeling Press. Check it out below!

Title: Sleigh Ride

Genres/Themes: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

New Releases, Elves & Magical Creatures, Christmas, Gay

Author: Sara Jay

Buy Link:


Book Summary:


Can one magical sleigh ride deliver love to two lonely Elves?

When two of Santa’s Elves score his sleigh all to themselves for one night, romance is in the air. But will Twinkle and Randy still be able to find love in between antics of naughty reindeer, winter turbulence and their own Elven pride?


Twinkle allowed Randy to practically skip him out into the gleam of the Northern Lights, a sight he normally stopped to enjoy, before shaking the toy maker’s hand away. “Hold on a minute, will ya? We need to square this away first.”

Randy crossed his arms over his chest. “Square what away? I like you. You obviously like me. Let’s make out!” He reached out for Twinkle’s hand again.

The Elf huffed, stepping back into the snow. “How do you know I like you? Are you readin’ my head?” He shook his head at Randy, shuffling the white powder with his foot. “I gotta tell ya, if that’s the case, that don’t sit well with me.”

“Twinkle!” Randy bounced in front of him, extending his arms out. “I can’t read minds! Anyone with eyes can see that you like me.”

“Confident, aren’t ya?” Twinkle grumbled, blushing again.

“Yes,” Randy beamed, angling his head sideways to make eye contact. “And I know you. I know your accent gets thick when you’re emotional, like it is now. It’s cute.”

Glancing up, Twinkle fought a flattered grin.

Randy went on, toeing closer in the snow, his voice deepening. “I know you eat the chocolate cupcakes on Deck the Halls night. I know you only mouth the lyrics to the cheesy songs we sing on Christmas Eve. I know you love mead and science fiction, and I know you watch me check toys from the window. I’m willing to bet you want to know if I ever check them personally.”

Randy’s husky speech turned to velvet, his mouth at Twinkle’s ear. “And I’m willing to let you find out.”

Twinkle quaked, inhaling the earthy pine scent of his crush so close to his own body. Randy wasn’t a liar and he wanted him. He wanted him!

“Okay,” Twinkle managed, turning to face the Elf. His fair skin slid over Randy’s darker hand, contrasting beautifully in the glowing emerald, ruby and sapphire brilliance of the sky. “Let’s go for a ride.”

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