Monday’s Music

David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” is stuck in my head, so it’s what we’re going with this week. Blame American Horror Story season 4, which we just finished watching (and sadly did not enjoy nearly as much as the previous three seasons).

Last week was a mess of hectic flurry, and this one is so similar that I just feel like hiding under a blanket. Indy’s birthday is tomorrow, but this week we also have a conservation field trip, a pottery painting party, Scouts, book club, bowling league, a trip to the history museum… I already know that we probably will have to cut something. Plus, my book is coming out, we have an out-of-state trip (which we may cancel, depending on a few things happening here)… So I think this song is probably even more appropriate than I thought!

For some perspective, I’ve barely written in my journal this fall and these quick Monday posts are a better chronicle than my spiral-bound book. That’s just wrong. And it demonstrates how I’m feeling, since I get pretty bleak when I don’t pour myself into that thing at least twice a week. I suppose I’m off to do that now!

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