Things I Love Thursday

This post is sponsored by Molly, She-Ra and Noke.
This post is sponsored by Molly, She-Ra and Noke.

It’s 9:30 on Thanksgiving and I’ve already written six articles. Not a bad start to the day! Here are some things I am loving right now. Have your own list? Be sure to post it or link to it in the comments.

Zoo kits. I love checking them out! They are packed with fun activities, books, DVDs and information. But I also love how the kids at the zoo think that Indy is a zookeeper when he’s carrying them around.

Four days off with Indy! Well, I won’t be off, as you can see. But I love that he will be home. Since taking on the new job last year, he’s been gone at least 80 more hours a month than he was at his previous job. I can’t wait for our date Saturday.

Notes with Wood Sprite. Every Thursday we pass notes and it’s always fun to see what she writes.

My new MOBOT membership! My mom and dad bought it for me for my birthday and I’m so excited to use it.

Sugar scrubs from Green Magick Herbals. Mmm, they are wonderful. I love the Tahitian Garden scent.

Becoming un-busy. I read the Socrates quote, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life” the other day (and wrote it in my new planner), and it reminded me about how much happier we are when we don’t Do All The Things. I’ll see Facebook posts of friends doing activities that we were invited to do, but if we did them all, we would never be home. I’m already exhausted trying to keep up with my work, homechooling, our home, our animals, and Wood Sprite is in a place where she’d rather spend some quality time with close friends than lots of time with a bunch of people at every activity. Choosing our activities more carefully has helped us slow down, savor our time together and spend more time with Indy, who is only home during most of those activity times. I’m so grateful for this realization because it’s making us happier on the whole. Now if I can just stay away from those Facebook posts or somehow stop feeling that pull of ambition to Do All The Things!

Reading aloud as a family. I swear it’s becoming a lost art, but it is some of our most enjoyable time together. We are still making our way through the Harry Potter series and I’ve scheduled a book per month for the next three years. Hey, I had to pick something in place of my need to Do All The Things! Although I’ve read the books multiple times, it’s their first time and I love hearing them laugh or exclaim how different a passage is from the movie.


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