Things I Love Thursday

The Other Mother will cut you.
The Other Mother will cut you.

What are you loving this week? For me, it’s…

My library card. I use that little baby more than any other tool in my life. Well, that and my laptop.

Getting rid of clutter and rearranging things, my new counter top, my new sink… LOVE it!

Fall. Having the windows open is still such a novelty to me after years of allergy hell!

The generosity of friends and family. I had such an amazing birthday last week!

Stickers. I’m up to my ears in them!

Adding fried onions to my macaroni. Holy cow, is it good.

Drinking cup after cup of ice-cold water out of my new Poison Ivy cup!

When people make assumptions! No, actually, I don’t love that. At all. Seriously, when people assume they know you and say something judgy toward you that doesn’t even apply… It’s annoying, to say the least. As much as I write and share, I keep an incredible amount of my thoughts and feelings private. I share SOME of it between my various journals and my closest friends. I count these friends on one hand. So think about that before making your assumptions and I’ll promise to try to do the same for you, especially when you exhibit this behavior, yeah?

Releasing this. That. Anything. All of the things.


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