Things I Love Thursday

Trip to Bellefontaine
Trip to Bellefontaine

It’s been one of those weeks… I had my very first not-so-great class, the dogs escaped during a play date after said class (and were luckily found not long after!), my pregnancy hopes were dashed again (blame the false alarm on stress again, I guess…), I was disappointed by someone’s dismal view of homeschooling, loads of activities piled up due to rescheduling (Indy’s work again…), he’s got another 12-hour shift and a long weekend coming up… and it just doesn’t feel like we’re able to connect when he gets 2 days off every 12 and we’re spending every few hours we have together with our activities and a bunch of other people. Something’s gotta give…

This week, I made some cuts to help clear more time, but you know it’s always the best time to practice some gratitude when you’re feeling down like this. So here are some things I love right now.

  1. Snuggling with Wood Sprite. It never ceases to lift my heart up, and we have laughed so hard this week. I think the more stressed outI am, the harder I laugh. We watched a funny video and I laughed so hard I cried and coughed and she said, “Mom, it was funny, but not THAT funny…”
  2. Modern Table. Holy cow. It was expensive (we bought it on sale for two bucks off, but still…) but SO worth it. I’m a broccoli noodle convert and I think they are better than regular noodles!
  3. Flonase. I seem to thank this every week and I don’t even care. This is the first fall since WS was born (or since I can remember) that I’ve been able to have windows open, hike, and just enjoy the fall to my heart’s content!
  4. The days he’s had off lately have been pretty AMAZING. Sunday we chilled at home so, so slowly. It was lovely. In the past month, we’ve hiked, gone to lots of local attractions and seen sites we’ve meant to check out for years, did Halloween in style… it just passes by so quickly!
  5. The coziness of the season. I don’t care how prosaic it might be that I love the heat in the car, a fall bonfire, my fuzzy blanket or even the occasional seasonal latte. It’s pure pleasure and fall must entice the hedonist in me.
  6. My new planner. Love it more every single day and I probably play in it too much.
  7. Chatting with my sisters. Most days, I despise social media and get really bitter about having to use it (I try not to feel that way, I swear), and I’m not a chatter by any means, but sometimes we banter and it’s actually enjoyable. Future Sara says something’s gotta give about Social Media, too, by the way…
  8. Awesome friends. I feel like I’m losing touch with some friends and it hurts my heart, but I’m so damn introverted and awkward I don’t even know what to do about it. But the friends that I’ve kept in touch with have been so lovely, especially when I’m falling apart, which seems to happen a lot these days.
  9. My next book is done! Oh, I sure love that! It’s another holiday story for Changeling Press (adults only!). I want to create some kind of ritual to do once I finish each book, and I want to finish all of the drafts I’ve got started on my computer (OK, most of them–there are at least 30), and I want to branch out and submit to multiple genres (as well as my current awesome publisher)… All those wants! Yep, hedonist. At least my passion isn’t dead. Then you KNOW I’d be completely depressed.
  10. Trip planning! Much of it is already planned. We have one more trip this winter, then two in the spring and one in the late summer next year that will be absolutely incredible if we play our cards right. We’ll get to see friends, go to another friend’s wedding, travel to several states we’ve never stepped foot in AND show Wood Sprite where she was born!

What are you loving this week?


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