The Tuesday Currents


Rocking to… Once soundtrack

Drinking… mango juice

Reading… The Walking Dead comics

Writing… Seattle Sports Insider articles, Q&A articles, chat tests, Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson

Watching… How to Get Away with Murder, AHS: Freak Show, Blind Spot, Rosewood, Scream Queens

Planning… A day completely just for Wood Sprite! Today is her 10th birthday and I’ve promised her my full, undivided attention. I see a lot of Minecraft, art projects and cooking in our forecast.

Making… muffins with Wood Sprite

Wanting… for Indy’s 12-hour shifts to pass as quickly as possible this week. For Wood Sprite to have the best birthday ever. A calm, quiet and productive November.

Monday’s Music

I’ve started writing pieces about the Seattle Thunderbirds as well as the Seattle Sounders this month, so I’m sharing one of my favorite sports anthems for today’s music!

OK, it’s a baseball anthem. And it’s not my all-time favorite Freddie Mercury anthem, either. But baseball is my game and this Fogerty classic is just so jaunty and fun, which celebrates my mood. I am pretty excited to be able to write articles I can share with you again!

In addition to my writing, I’ve got book promos to schedule and write this week (I finished my sexy elves holiday book, Sleigh Ride, last week!), my regular writing schedule, Wood Sprite’s birthday, co-op teaching, a sleepover, a birthday party for an aunt in another town this weekend… Indy is working 12-hour shifts all week, so we’ll be home a lot more than usual, but it will probably be a nice break. We’ve been burning our candle at both ends a lot lately!

I hope your week is full of gorgeous red October leaves, crisp woodsy air and fall-tastic days.

Seattle Sports Coverage

For the next few weeks, I’ll be covering some very cool sports beats. I’ve always been a baseball fan, but for now I’m stepping into different territory, covering the Seattle Thunderbirds and Seattle Sounders. You can follow both blogs at their embedded links.

I also wrote a piece on the Mariners that I can share with you:

I will be starting with the team rosters and going from there. I hope you enjoy the pieces, and if you have anything specific you’d like to know about the Sounders or Thunderbirds, be sure to comment!