GISHWHES 2015 Adventure

This year’s GISHWHES was as amazing as ever! I only wish we’d had more time to do more items. This year, Dorothy’s Wanderlust was combined with two other teams, Loves Angels of Thursday and Honey Badger, and we had a wonderful adventure with our new Australian friends!

As a recap, you can find last year’s list of craziness here. Below are just SOME of this year’s activities! Unfortunately I didn’t download them before the hunt ended and I don’t have access to all of them at the moment, but we can share and enjoy the images and videos below. (Click the links for videos!) We can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

IMAGE. Beautifully recreate one of these painting optical illusions or another one you find on the Internet using real bodies and/or props: points erika- the bakery image is amazing, working on this….!     recreation IMAGE. Kick back in a hammock that’s suspended from trees on opposite banks of a river. (Make sure it’s a safe section of a river to be suspended over.) 71 points        hammock

VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) You and a friend must build and launch two dueling paper airplanes using only your mouths to build and launch them. 50 points

VIDEO. Find someone you love and butter them up; literally, cover them in butter and then give them a big hug. – Carianne Steinman 56 points

VIDEO or IMAGE. Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of Season and Caitlyn Cacador63 point    end super IMAGE. Create a beautiful tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy. – Annie K. 29 points        

IMAGE. Here’s your hint: T11fJ-bSWI0. (Don’t submit anything unless you solve the puzzle or you will be docked points.) 43 points  mtqTVgI

IMAGE. Tour a wastewater/sewage treatment factory dressed in formal attire with an accompanying violinist or flutist. 82 points     wastwater

IMAGE. Blow us away with your amazing cosplay as a famous inanimate object.58 points                                                                           cosplay

IMAGE. Show us your idea of love. Caption the image if you wish.41 points


IMAGE. How do you do it? Everyone on your team has such beautiful mustaches? Do you have some sort of hair growth cream you slather on or pills you all take? Let’s see a grid photo of everyone on your team that features your mustaches prominently. 89 points


IMAGE. Create a cocktail dress or tux out of flowers (you can use foliage, but at least 50% needs to be flowers). Photograph yourself in a contrasting “greenless” urban setting. – Olivia Desianti


IMAGE. They say, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” but they are sexist. Dogs can be women’s best friends too. To prove it, make one entirely out of feminine hygiene products. The dog must be at least 40 centimeters tall. (See how international we are? Look at these units!)

pad dog

IMAGE. The cats are coming! Prepare your dog for battle. Outfit him or her with armory, weaponry, cutting edge laser gear – whatever it takes to create a canine of mass destruction. 43 points                sheraIMAGE. Let’s see a portrait of Robert Downey, Jr. or Ironman made entirely of salt and pepper. Tweet it to him (@robertdowneyjr) with @gishwhes in the tweet. SUBMIT a link to the image to us, NOT a link to an image of the tweet – but you must tweet it to him for your image to count. 51 points



VIDEO. Stop hiding your true talent. The world deserves to see it. Without using special effects or trick editing, make a person disappear.

VIDEO. Your friend loves cake, so being a good friend, you offer to take them out for cake at a nice restaurant. Alas, you discover when you arrive at the restaurant, that your friend has recently undergone medical treatments that prevents them from moving their arms, so you will have to feed them. Unfortunately, light is harmful to your eyes so you must be blindfolded. While blindfolded, stand behind your seated friend in a fancy restaurant and put your arms under their armpits and feed them cake with your hands. Trust us. This is going to work out beautifully. 50 points

IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – You may not know this but William Shatner is a big My Little Pony Brony (a male fan of the My Little Pony series.) He wants to share this interest with other actors. Create an image however you wish of one of your favorite actors as a My Little Pony and tweet it to them. Get the actor to retweet your image and hashtag #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes. Submit a screencap of the actor tweet. 60 points

Felicia Day!                            felicia

IMAGE. Find out what  one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen. – Khai 36 points


VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Construct an iconic building over 2 feet high out of sugar cubes (or marshmallows) and then film melting it with some kind of liquid. 55 points



IMAGE. Prove there’s a ghost in a Starbucks (or your local coffee shop if your country has outlawed Starbucks) working as a barista. 43 points                                            4UEc8RJ

IMAGE. Tweet a photo of two men or women kissing each other (clothed) to @Ricksantorum. We need to see the Tweet with #facerealityRick @gishwhes. 36 points    rick

IMAGE. Last year saw the epic battle for mascot supremacy. Document this action packed tale in a fitting comic book strip that includes this year’s mascot (Dinomite) as well. Be sure to include all of gishwhes’ heroes, heroines, and super villains! – Roxy Fox52 points    vXQY97L


IMAGE. Love is in the air. Let’s see you and your lover elegantly dressed and enjoying a romantic moment under a weeping willow in a rowboat. One of you must be serenading the other with a cheese-puff-adorned musical instrument. 46 points bagpipes

IMAGE. The Tooth Fairy is on strike. Invent another fairy that provides a service in your home for your children, or your dorm room/apartment for your roommates. Dress up as the fairy providing the service, and then caption the image with what you are. 31 points         fairy


IMAGE. Make a macrame holster for a pistol. 31 points


IMAGE. Tweet a picture of you holding up your most inspiring book or book title with the hashtag #booksnotbullets and @gishwhes. 9 points


IMAGE. Tweet to your school board or write a letter to your employer to hold a CPR class with this link: or facts from the link. Let’s see the tweet in the submitted image. 11 points              tweet

IMAGE. Commit a random act of kindness and have someone take a picture of what you’re doing and caption it. Here are some examples: Tweet it to @RandomActsOrg if you wish but submit to us the image only. 39 points

Cupcakes for Teachers
Cupcakes for Teachers


VIDEO. Show us your version of “Tai Chi Breakfast”


IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – Carrie Fisher is known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in Star Wars. Her memorable hairstyle was often called the Princess Leia Bun. Bake a portrait of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in bread.51 points A5EDd2J

IMAGE. Make a portrait of a CW actor using only naturally shedded hair/fur of your pets. – Tiffany L. 45 points  hair

IMAGE. Sign up to your country’s organ donor register. – Ezza Manns 18 points                                             donor


193. IMAGE. Contribute the recipe for ‘Dinomite’s Fluffy Bites’ to and get at least 20, 5-star reviews from people who enjoyed the recipe. 46 points                       bites

IMAGE. Let’s see a fully dressed Mary (pregnant) and Joseph shopping for baby clothes or items, or in a pregnancy breathing class. – Kierra Maxwell27 points


IMAGE. Leave a review for gishwhes on Yelp or Google. 8 points       yelp

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