Tuesday Currents

cleo backpack 3I wasn’t going to write a Tuesday Currents today. My mood is absolutely acidic, like Pennywise-the-Clown-scorching acidic. I’ve got Moon Time, an unexpected day of 12 hours at Indy’s work (and four more pop-ups next month, which meant more scratch-outs in The Sacred Planner), Wood Sprite puking and an unexpected bill at a really bad time for it… So I’m going from bleh! to hiss! at random intervals. But then I figured, hey, it’s an easy check to mark, and that always makes me feel better.


Rocking to… “Woman King,” Iron & Wine

Drinking… Two carbons, one oxygen

Reading… I read Fable books 5 and 6 yesterday, thinking that it jumped way too far ahead too quickly, only to realize that I skipped book 4. I’m reading Lucifer book 2, too.

Writing… Articles about holidays. Chat tests. Boo to You, Mrs. Robinson, which I plan to have done by mid-August. Sleigh Ride, a romantic adventure between elves Twinkle and Randy from my last holiday book, Letting Go.

Watching… Strange Magic. Yeah, it was bad. But it was kind of cute, too. Great animation and a great general concept with way too much singing and too little plot.

Planning… Some kind of routine for the fall…

Wearing… Black on dark gray, because Batman

Tweeting… American Horror Story tidbits

Making… Planner fixies, Wood Sprite’s journal, dog toys, clean rooms, an effort

Wanting… to kick this foul mood

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