Things I Love Thursday

tomatoes garden classThings I love this week include…

Dying markers. You think they’re worthless, but then you can use them for background colors. Then when they are completely dead, you can use them for puppets, batons, sailboats…

Holly Black and Kiersten White. These two ladies kept me sane during this month of insane 12-hour shifts!

The incredible garden Wood Sprite grew with her class! We harvested it today and everything was tasty and beautiful.

Refrigerators, computers, coffeemakers, phones, washing machines… man, am I lucky to have been born in this time period. Did you know that only 2/7 of the world owns a washing machine? Sometimes I feel incredibly down and nothing seems to help. Sometimes I think of things like this and just feel ashamed for not feeling grateful every. Single. Second.

Backup glasses! Wood Sprite broke a pair today.

Shorts! How did I not allow myself to wear them for the past DECADE? Yeah, feeling this comfortable in July is so worth it–and so much more important than being self-conscious about my legs.

Mom cleaning out her makeup/hair product stuff. I haven’t had to buy anything all year!

Enlightenment. When something makes you feel uncomfortable, it is sometimes a sign that you need to change. From trolls who bully me regarding women’s rights to grown people insisting it’s just peachy to hit children to all of the people I know who are obviously terrified of marriage equality, losing the confederate flag and Black people… all I see is fear and a refusal to try to understand someone else’s human experience. I’m seeing people become enlightened and I’m seeing people adamantly refuse to see, and the former gives me hope.

Technology, even though it is often so very, very wasted. It gives me connection to many parts of the world, it makes it easier to homeschool and live in general and it’s how I do my job. All of that said, if each person who shares some dumb conspiracy (and this happens every. Single. Day) could take the two seconds it takes to google the story before sharing it, that would be SO incredibly helpful.

Good shoes. You don’t miss them until you don’t have them.

Texting. I sort of hate texting, too. OK, I REALLY hate texting. But it’s also one of the small things that is making Indy’s long, long hours easier on us.

What are you loving this week?


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