Tuesday Currents

cleo on my bedWe are having a hectic week, but it’s better than last week! Indy is working 12-hour shifts again. Sprite and I are neck-deep in projects and keeping the animals cool. Cleo is attacking my toes (see right).


Rocking to…

Drinking… black tea

Reading… I just finished two Kiersten White novels, Mind Games and Perfect Lies. I didn’t love them like I loved her Paranormalcy books, but they were page-turners. Next up: Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero.

Writing… How-to and answer articles; chat tests; journal entries. Pretty much the same as last week. I’m also working through Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star.

Watching… We watched Paddington as a family last night and it was adorable. At first it was a bit dumb (I watched it as a kid, but I didn’t love it) but there were some moments that made us laugh pretty hard. Over the weekend, we used our drive-in Groupon to see Minions (bleh) and Inside Out (love!).

Planning… 4-H rides and logistics for fair pieces (thank you, M!), cuts for new cabinet tops (beautiful marble free from my parents’ neighbor!), cooling off techniques for the pets (this heat just hit us out of the blue and we should’ve been prepared sooner), homemade solutions for sprucing up the old hardwood floors, GISHWHES next month (!!!), our trip to Indianapolis, painting, organizing and when the heck I’m going to finish up my book.

Wearing… My favorite black t-shirt with the lace on it. It’s so thin and the cats keep clawing it and giving it new holes, but it’s the most comfortable and “me” thing I have.

Tweeting… about free college tuition! Yay!

Making… Creature drawings throughout my journal; homemade deodorant and weed killer; a clean house; hair braids; memories.

Wanting… good hash browns. Mmm. Haven’t had any in a long, long time. Where do you get your favorite hash-browns? Indy’s homemade brown sugar and garlic are my favorite, but I want something with a little less caramelizing.

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