Tuesday Currents

Indy was unexpectedly called in to work 12-hour shifts this week. Again. And he’s doing the same next week. So, I spent the morning canceling our plans for this week via phone and email. Again. How about you?


Rocking to… The cat purring next to me

Drinking… Sugar-free root beer

Reading… The Poison Eaters by Holly Black

Writing… How-to and answer articles; chat tests; journal entries

Watching… Indy and I watched The Whispers over the weekend. We’re ambivalent about it because it has interesting moments and a great premise (not to mention Lily Rabe!), but it’s just not paced well. And what is with all of these TV shows that start with a person cheating on someone and dealing with the aftermath this past year? It’s like one writer took that basic plot line and then threw in a bunch of random subplots and sold it to each network. Aliens! Murder! A slap! Come on.

Planning… Re-dos for this week, since everything was canceled. Again.

Wearing… Pajamas. Yep. It’s been THAT kind of day. I was even told to kill myself by some random misogynist troll on Youtube. Fun times!

Tweeting… A RT of Shakesville: “A person being fat doesn’t tell you anything about their character. Your believing otherwise certainly tells me something about yours, tho.”

Making… This month’s 30-day challenge was to get back to walking 3 miles a day, but my feet HURT. What I thought were splinters (and there were splinters!) is bruising beneath my skin on both feet from shoes that are too big. So now this month’s challenge is to create something every day, which hasn’t been difficult so far.

Wanting… My week back.

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