Monday’s Music

We had a wonderfully restorative weekend doing yardwork, playing as a family and enjoying time both inside and outside. Wood Sprite and I have two favorite songs right now, so I suppose I’ll share them!

We are in love with “Titanium,” by David Guetta:

And I’m just tickled that she seems to enjoy ELO as much as I do. She sang along while I played “Livin’ Thing” and knew it by heart–how did she do that?

Great feedback makes my day, and my editors have been sending me wonderful comments over the weekend. One piece I’m particularly proud of was an article about father-of-the-groom speeches. Writing it with all genders in mind, with the law actually, finally behind it, felt amazing, as did its approval. Thank you, once again, SCOTUS, activists, supporters of love from coast to coast. This means so much, to so many. I understand we still have so much farther to go (fair housing, jobs, bullying…) but this is so big and so very welcome.

This week Wood Sprite has a dentist appointment (wish her luck!), a play date with her best friends, her last Junior Master Gardener class and bowling with another best friend. Indy and I have lots of work as well as yard work to finish. There’s something about pulling weeds and getting sweaty that just makes you feel good. Or maybe it’s just me!

Hope your week is a good one, readers and writers!

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