Things I Love Thursday

dogs cat cuddleThings I do not love include splinters, thick dog hair that ACTS like splinters in your feet (owww) and walking like Gollum as a result.

Things I DO love on this otherwise fine Thursday include…

-Freebies from family and friends! Between the makeup, doggie goodies and clothes for Wood Sprite, it could be Christmas.

-Playdates with good friends

-Animals cuddling and getting along (see above)

-Free field trip locations! I also just love planning in general.

-The quiet; also,

-The loudness

-Iced tea so cold it could preserve a large mammal

Monstrous Affections, a wonderful collection of stories I’m reading. I love speculative fiction, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. This collection has a bit of everything and even manages to provide the reader with surprises, which are my favorite things to read!

How about you? What are you loving this week?


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