Things I Love Thursday

Jinkies Batman, has it been a rough few months. I was sick for the whole month of November and through my birthday, and Indy has been ill the past few weeks. Although he is better, this week I’ve had a pulled muscle and an infection and he has a more serious infection that is causing him great pain. Please cross your fingers and toes that his antibiotics will knock it out! He is very rarely sick–sometimes he goes for years without being sick–which makes it extra scary for me. He is always so strong and seems invincible.

All of the news about Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and injustice in general has made my heart so heavy. I’ve even left Facebook for a while because every time I start to have a little faith in our humanity again, social media steps on it. With all of this on my mind, plus being house-bound most of the time with his new hours and going stir crazy, I think it’s definitely time for a gratitude list. Feel free to join me with your own!

I am so grateful we could take Indy to the doctor yesterday. Insurance helps so much, even with the copay, and I’m also grateful we finally have a doctor we both like! (Thanks to my mother and Aunt D who recommended him.)

I’m so grateful we can take Wood Sprite in for dental cleanings–and even though she needs braces, I’m grateful that she will get those instead of surgery.

My work is so awesome. I’m such a lucky mom to be able to be home while I work and homeschool. I’ve been writing about such interesting things lately. Last week I wrote a bunch of articles about arctic animals. You can imagine how cool it is to share my research with Wood Sprite, who is fascinated by it all.

Medicine, herbal teas, supplements… I’m grateful for it all. Say what you will about supplements, but since taking magnesium I’ve never slept better nor had better blood pressure readings. I even have good dreams. I’ve been dreaming about being a child a lot lately. They are such fun dreams! I’m such a naughty little thing in them, getting into mischief, and maybe it’s because I was almost never like that as a kid.

Halos! Oh, we love our halos and we are always glad when they are in season. We eat them like candy.

My new stickers are here! I ordered some of the cutest stickers from Tiny Relics on Etsy and I just love them. Who knew that planner stickers are a thing now? I’ve been decorating and using a planner with fervor since I was 16. Now, double that many years later, there are actually designer planners, planner accessories and stickers out just for that reason. So many choices, and such fun window shopping.

I’m grateful that Wood Sprite only mildly complains about cleaning up after the dogs and cats. I may do the baths, nail clippings and such but she gets to do puke and poop duty!

Heat. Food. Running water. Safety. Man, there is so much to be grateful for that we take for granted every single day. I keep hearing myself complain because my check went to doctors and dentists this week instead of Indy’s birthday this coming weekend, but holy cow, are we so much luckier than so many people. And it’s so easy to forget. We can’t forget.

Lotion in every room. Yes, please! This winter has been the driest of my skin’s life. Must be really aging to feel that!

Our first-ever real tree as a family. It’s huge and fat and covered in glitter and I love it. And this year’s holiday countdown box, which is filled with craft projects and acts of kindness to do instead of the usual activities and trinkets. Wood Sprite may not be as excited to open it every day as usual, but there’s already less of a “gimme” attitude in the house.

My new PJs! I bought them with my birthday money and they are so soft I never want to take them off. I have wanted new pajamas for years and just never purchased them. I’m one of those people who insists that holes and thin fabric do not make clothing unwearable, and I have to wear things until they absolutely fall apart. Once they get holey they become sleepwear! So these feel like queen’s robes, I swear.

Online library books. We LOVE them, especially since we’re home so much more often. We can check out, read and return books all in one day, and then even do it over again if we want.

Strainers. Oh, and blenders. Both are pretty amazing things, especially when you’re making your own sauces and you don’t like things to be chunky.

The Internet. Hulu. Netflix. The thousands of online games, books, songs and other media we can access at any second of any day. How lucky are we to live in a time with so much knowledge, information and entertainment at our fingertips!

My new book will be out next week. I’m so excited about this one! It’s a romance (adults only!) between Jack Frost and the Snow Queen, plus there’s a sneaky Santa, flirty elves, lots of ice magic… I hope those who read it enjoy it as much as I did.

And lastly, this face. I love all of our furry kids but She-Ra is my baby. She plops right down next to me and doesn’t leave my side–until Wood Sprite throws the squeaky cupcake, of course.

this face

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