All-in-One Blog Post!

It’s been a busy week, so I’m bulk-posting this week’s blog links in one post. Happy holidays!

Holiday Recipes: Christmas baking
Plus appetizers, cakes and drinks

Respecting their privacy
As parents, it is our job.

Friday Fun: Firelighters, book clubs and warm fuzzies
Plus nail polish headphones and snowman puffy paint

Sat Steals: Dunkin Donuts coupons
Plus free games, tea deals, BOGO meals and more

Help your local crisis nursery
Trust me, they need it.

Raising critical thinkers
Which resources to you like to use?

Last minute DIY holiday gifts
There’s no time for knitting a sweater, but there’s still time for these ideas.

Modeling behavior
Our kids’ behavior can often be tracked back to own.

Weekly Medley: Sensory nature walks
Plus warrants for future crimes, ornaments and antibacterial soap bans

Dealing with the naysayers
What do you do when a loved one denounces your homeschooling?

Managing your needs as a parent
It can be challenging, but it is absolutely necessary.

Protecting your own privacy
When you homeschool, it can be difficult!

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