Things I Love Thursday

fuego noke
Fuego and Noke snuggling.

Between work, Wood Sprite’s activities, organizing our groups and writing my books (#3 is done and due out June 14!), I have completely forgotten about Things I Love Thursday, which is one of my most important blogs. No, it doesn’t pay or highlight my work (though I can easily throw in some promos), but it’s my weekly reminder of all I am grateful for in my life. So here’s a quick Things I Love Thursday…

~ the understanding and unconditional love of others ~ the freedom to unschool ~ cartoon movies that crack me up ~ YouTube! ~ the cats, when they’re not disappearing and driving us mental trying to find them! River’s done it TWICE this year, and they’re all indoor cats! ~ my work, even when it feels overwhelming ~ Wood Sprite’s audacity, tenaciousness, sense of justice and sense of presence, all things that I never had at her age ~ the rec center ~ the library! ~ good tunes ~ cheesy tunes! ~ Indy ~ Indy’s cooking 😉 ~ how Wood Sprite decorates her room and places her toys into tableaus ~ my new bangs ~ stretching out over cool sheets and immediately falling asleep, something that’s pretty new and amazing to me ~ 5-hour days at the zoo ~ our sno-cone stand ~ cooking simple foods with Wood Sprite ~ mango smoothies, mmmm… ~ trends, goofy videos and famous facts about redheads; why have I never identified with “my culture” before? ~ Men in Black 3. I think I love this one even more than the first. I openly wept, which felt really good and reminded me about how much I love tragedies but never watch them anymore, so I’m scheduling myself a Big Fat Tragedy Marathon the night before Mother’s Day as my gift (along with Indy’s potato soup!) featuring The English Patient, The Painted Veil and Atonement. Any other suggestions?


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