Good News and Great News

reindeerI hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Yule, or other celebration this week. My family’s was absolutely amazing this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better week, let alone holiday! We had a wonderful day at my parents’ house eating pasta and playing games. Everyone was healthy and we had so much to be thankful for.

Santa totally tricked Wood Sprite by putting her “big” gift, a Pygmy Puff from Harry Potter, in an oatmeal box. I said, “Santa must have known you needed to eat more fiber!” and she was livid! I have some pretty great pictures. The one of her face lighting up when I made her open the oatmeal box is even better.

Some good news: While I can’t share the links due to ghostwriting, I have been writing a lot for several new-to-me places and it’s been a lot of fun. I have written 8 press releases, several longer articles, and over a dozen short articles about everything from cocktails to dog obedience. I wish I could share them, but I did want to note that they’re pretty cool–and they’re keeping me busy. 😉

Some great news: I am able to write at my favorite site again starting today! Yay! Look for more links soon. Between my work there and my new clients, I can almost smell the paint in our new house…

2013 is going to be fabulous!

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