Things I Love Thursday

During the tough weeks, I think it’s even more important to acknowledge what we are grateful for and what we love. I put most of these things in my journal as I still think the private matters of the heart should be kept private and not tweeted or texted for all to know; even so, here are a few beautiful things in my life this week.

Clarity. Courage. Rebirth from sorrow. Release. Taking giant steps toward progress and change and embracing the fear. Scheduling my first Al-Anon meeting, something I previously even refused to acknowledge. A cathartic evening with my best friend; cathartic cries with my husband. The moment you realize the time is now. The most moving Morning Pages I’ve ever written and the vows I took within them. Rosie Molinary’s Shine, which may have been a catalyst for many of these things. My loving and supportive tribe, my group of homeschooling mothers. Dipping into Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart, a gift from a friend, and shifting so much even after small bites of its wisdom.


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. I also loved today’s supportive note from The Universe:

    “Sometimes, Sara, if the direction you’re about to move feels “right” in your head and heart, yet the first few steps look pretty daunting, not fun, and maybe even scary, you should take those first few steps anyway and get ’em over with.

    And I’m not just saying that because watching you in action gives me goose bumps.

    Oh… behave,
    The Universe

    Honest. Sara, I get goose bumps watching you breathe.”

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