Things I Love Thursday

I love hearing the thunder outside… Now, how about some rain?

This week I am also loving…
* classic movies with Wood Sprite (tonight was Mary Poppins) * our trip to the Science Center last weekend, which was a blast; the teacher was pretty awesome AND we shared the same first name; the woman could have rocked Mythbusters for sure * Getting my work done early and having the chance to do some reading * a wonderful field trip to Bounce U, even if only two families made it * making Medusa masks at the library with Wood Sprite * scavenger hunts * cool summer tea drinks * last week’s magic show, Powder Valley trip, and other free summer goodies * Laura Grace Weldon’s Free Range Learning * Playdates with friends * having protection from the elements and clean, cool water; we really are among the luckiest people on earth * learning about a new (to us) co-op * drawing polka-dot cows surrounded by falling fried eggs from the sky with WS

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