The Tuesday Currents

Our lovely lettuce, before the heat wave!

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: Connection Parenting audios

Eating: Just finished some of Papa’s amazing caramelized brown sugar potatoes!

Drinking: Pink Lemonade

Reading: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott; Charlotte’s Web, by EB White (with Wood Sprite); Stand Up For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson; Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Watching: Wood Sprite play in her room as I attempt to work–ha!

Wearing: Gray t-shirt and striped pants

Writing: blogs, parenting intentions, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals, postcrossing postcards, homeschool group organizing, misc.

Creating: Trying to work while people are awake… I know better than this! Sometimes you just want to write and to get it done, though. It’s just impossible when the rest of the house isn’t asleep, though. Once the perfect sentence is gone, it’s gone…

Thinking: Still about both of our careers and next steps to take. About health, too. Tried warm lemon water today and think it could be made into a lasting habit.

Feeling: A little yucky with allergies–yesterday was the longest time we’ve spent outside all month! Having terrible nightmares, too, which make for great writing fuel but a super cranky mommy. Wood Sprite’s been off, too. She had a couple of fits, something she almost never does anymore, and we missed a couple of activities because she simply didn’t feel great. I hope she’s not getting sick; it may just be this weather.

Wanting: STILL to somehow get a Winnebago and travel the country, just the three of us. And maybe some good sleep!

Needing: To move my body tonight. Think Wood Sprite and I will do our favorite Latin Grooves DVD again. We miss our bhangra dancing!

Enjoying: Being on top of my stuff! I love being organized and meeting my deadlines.

Wondering: How many things I can do with blackberries. They’re on sale now and I love them!

and, the Weather: Still HOT but not as bad as it’s been. Thank you for the rain, Sky! We’d love some more!


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