Things I Love Thursday

I am NOT loving summer ants (we just got rid of them two months ago!) but I am loving…

*   lovely family days spent at Monkey Joe’s and just hanging out around the house   *   the beautiful boredom brought on by this heat wave, inspiring us to do some pretty amazing art projects and to just ~be~ with one another   *   summer reading   *   nachos and sno-cones    *    hour-long telephone calls with favorite people   *   Roots of She mini course   *    wonderful co-op classes with homeschool friends   *    spontaneity   *   Eddie Vedder’s “Rise”   *   playdates with best friends   *   Brave!!! And Brave stickers! I love the heck out of this movie and cannot wait to buy it. It’s what we have been waiting for!   *   visits with family & friends   *   Vacation mentality! We are not on vacation (and haven’t taken one in about four years) but it almost feels like it since it’s so hot and life is so slow this week. Even though some moments are tense with cabin fever, I really do love it.


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