The Tuesday Currents

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: The Silent Comedy, “Bartholomew”

Eating: n/a

Drinking: Iced coffee

Reading: Wake Up, I’m Fat! by Camryn Manheim; Little Deaths, collected by Ellen Datlow; Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery by David H. Albert

Watching: n/a

Wearing: Powder blue t-shirt with my “pirate pants” shorts

Writing: blogs, greeting cards, Darkness Falls, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals, homeschool group organizing

Creating: X-Men art (Jean, Psylocke, and Storm), henna (well, a mess of it), homemade lava lamp with Wood Sprite, caves complete with cave art out of boxes, silly songs, new dreams, new budgets, a clean living room…

Thinking: How I’m itching to do something big…

Feeling: Yucky sinus drainage again (anytime the weather changes, of course); otherwise just restless…

Wanting: To buy a Winnebago and travel the country, just the three of us, for a year. Maybe two.

Needing: Maybe just a change of scenery, even for a little while.

Enjoying: Laughing about stupid things with my husband. Painting one of his toenails in secret with glitter polish. Acting like cave people with my daughter, and harmonizing our ooga-boogas like Stone Age DJs.

Wondering: STILL if I’ll finally get my novel finished this week…

and, the Weather: Rainy. Love it. And so do our pumpkins…


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