Things I Love Thursday

This was one of those in like a lamb, out like a lion weeks. I’m not sure what happened, but by today I was nearing a real, full fit. I think I could really use a change of scenery. We haven’t taken a vacation in about four years, and though we’ve never really taken anything other than a “staycation,” I think it’s taking its toll. I’m also not feeling great again, which may simply be a symptom of that.

Even so, as usual there were plenty of things to love about this week, such as…

+   A most excellent park day with cool but nonetheless enjoyable weather

+   A nice visit with my mother

+   A wonderful early anniversary date, complete with a real dinner and movie!

+   Being with my love for 17 years now (more than half of our lives!)

+   Catching up with old friends

+   Seeing Serengeti Steve at the library, which is always awesome

+   Getting my crowns!

+   Worm races at the library, which were soooo much fun

+   Fun co-op classes on Tuesday, followed by a fun bat program at the library on Wednesday

+   Wood Sprite loves her gymnastics class for the summer


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