The Tuesday Currents

This format comes from the blog CrazyBeautiful.


Listening to: Def Leppard, “Animal”

Eating: Wood Sprite’s leftover Target popcorn

Drinking: An Arnold Palmer

Reading: Wake Up, I’m Fat! by Camryn Manheim

Watching: Thor, Bridesmaids, and episodes of Beauty and the Beast (from the 80’s); it’s like being with my grandma again, almost…

Wearing: Blue striped shirt, my favorite striped pants

Writing: blogs, greeting cards, IDEA blog, Darkness Falls, correspondence, forum starters, daily deals

Thinking: About how lucky we are! We have had such a wonderful weekend and we really are blessed.

Feeling: So much better! The cough is just about gone. I do have a sunburn, though, from a wonderful park day.

Wanting: My grandmother to be here while I watch one of our old shows so we could watch it together again.

Needing: Some time with my sisters! We haven’t had just-us-three time since February.

Enjoying: An absolutely wonderful date day and celebration for our anniversary. A fun park day. A just-the-three-of-us day with my guy and Wood Sprite. My pink nose and cheeks.

Wondering: If I’ll finally get my novel finished this week…

and, the Weather: Absolutely gorgeous! If we had weather like this weekend all summer, I’d simply love it.


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