Things I Love Thursday

Tuesday and Wednesday I was pretty sick–the worst throwing up I’ve had in years on Wednesday!–and I was still a bit queasy on Thursday. Feeling well enough to post about a few things I love, though, which include…

~A super productive Monday, from writing to phone calls, paperwork to organizing
~A husband who’s willing to baby me and get me Gatorade when I’m sick
~Story time at the library (plus free ice cream from the library’s trivia activity for Wood Sprite)
~Successful homeschool field trips (and Daddy willing to take Sprite even when Mommy was sick) I am addicted!
~Another successful Art Club class with our homeschool group (even if I was really nervous about teaching it!)
~Gorgeous, gorgeous spring weather
~Getting my copy of Blink Ink #11 in the mail, featuring flash fiction by yours truly!
~An awesome sleepover with WS’s BFF on Saturday. We dissected (fake) owl pellets, made clay ladybugs and dragons, made foam butterflies, made rice krispy treats, had a silly string fight, had a fashion show/dance, went outside to moon-gaze at the supermoon, read a bunch of books, stayed up past 2 AM–all without television. 🙂

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