Things I love Thursday

I haven’t written one of these in so long that I can’t remember how I started them. Oh well! Here are some things I am loving this week.

Journaling! I haven’t done it in a long time, and when I won the library’s poetry contest I decided to buy myself a pretty journal with my gift card. I also bought the first Sisters Grimm book; I’ve read all but the last one and I’d like to start collecting them for Wood Sprite to read.

Spending the day with my parents on Tuesday; need to do this way more often, preferably with my sisters there, too.

Wonderful family game day with lots of friends, family, and food, of course! Tooth medicine was making me feel sick but otherwise it was really fun.

Getting those root canals done! My teeth are feeling so much better now and I am so grateful that most of it’s over.

Our amazing garden! We’ve harvested lettuce and some strawberries already; Wood Sprite keeps eating all of my mint, too, even though she hates it in toothpaste.

Sprite’s new doctor is really nice and thorough, and he talked TO her as well as us, which I really appreciated.

Sprite’s vision is stable and pretty much the same, warranting only an annual visit with her ophthalmologist! So much to be grateful for. I remember back when we had weekly doctor/therapy/hospital visits during her preemiehood; it was years yet it seems so long ago. She’s come so far and we are just so blessed to have her.

Sprite won Honorable Mention and Third Place in her age group during the homeschool art fair!

Having a clean house, even if only for a day.

My wonderful husband who’s been babying me to the best of his ability through these dental dilemmas. My amazing parents, who took Sage while I had the root canals done and who made it all happen in the first place.

Cuddling with WS and watching David the Gnome online; I wish more of today’s children’s shows were this warm and gentle.

My BFF graduating from Nursing school this weekend! I am SO proud of you, A!

Winning trophies at AllPoetry, which is always fun. Why did I stop writing there again? Oh yes, that no-time thing.

Great playgroup days; I wish we could make more of them!

Doing daily art and writing challenges with Wood Sprite, which just adds so much dimension to already-enjoyable activities; for a “dreamscape” challenge, for example, she drew Aslan on a ship.

Fun summer plans brewing with the homeschool group (like kids’ theater and fundraisers for Heifer Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand), as well as our own Not Bummer Summer project!

4-H Day with the Cardinals coming up! WS is pretty stoked about walking on the field.


My husband’s work discount, which allows me to buy more PEARS.

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