Things I Love Thursday

This really has been a wonderful month, even if a little hectic! Some things I am loving right now include…

Christmas at Mom’s! We had great food, great games, and great company. I only wish my aunt could have been there. I have missed her so much this month!         Wood Sprite’s Christmas gifts–they are so much fun! My sister bought her a dinosaur that farts and roars and does all kinds of things; it is so funny. It kept us all entertained on Christmas! We have also all played with her microscope, bendaroos, and other cool stuff.       Wood Sprite’s face when she woke us up to tell us Santa had come. It made EVERYTHING worthwhile!      Watching holiday classics; can’t wait to see It’s a Wonderful Life live next month.      Finishing some projects, including two homeschooling submissions and my regular deadlines. I am so excited to have an article about homeschooling in next month’s issue of Life Learning Magazine!       My work. I don’t express gratitude often enough for the super cool job that I have. I love writing and I love working from home.      Noke, one of the kittens, cuddling on my back when I write! I keep a blanket over my office chair and she gets under it, then nestles up against my back like a baby and goes to sleep. I’ve never seen anything like it!      Wood Sprite’s new hamster, Snowflake. She’s a baby and squeaks a lot!     My husband’s new job, which is still going great!      Zicam. My husband and I have both been sick this week and it’s really helped, even if it tastes absolutely terrible. Reminds me of those pink antibiotics we had to take as kids! Next time I will try a different flavor.       The library letting us use a room for homeschool group playdates during the winter. So awesome!     A week without many plans; it’s so rare in our house. Do we get stir crazy? Sure, but it’s nice to just snuggle at home over a couple of books and hot chocolate, too. Still, Wood Sprite could really use some running room on cold, wet days…!  😉

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