things I love Thursday

This week feels a little less hectic than last week, but it’s still sort of hustle and bustle-y. So much to do and so many places to be, often at once!

This week I am loving…

Game night at my mom’s house. We had to leave early since my husband had work early the next day, but we still had lots of fun, and my cousin made insanely delicious burritos!       Wood Sprite earned her yellow belt on Saturday. She doesn’t have the belt itself just yet, but after some intense effort she was able to break a board with a kick, and she was so proud of it that we hung the board up at home!       BFFs who keep you in mind! I am sad that Fashion Bug in Arnold is going out of business, but grateful that my best friend was able to find a couple of amazing deals there to share with me–on HER birthday, nonetheless!       Being crafty with Wood Sprite. We’ve been making something every day (often more than one something), from ornaments to pictures to cards for nursing homes.      Taking WS to see Santa at the library. She was scared; this was the first time she asked to leave. But she went through with it and we had a good time. We ran into some friends from taekwondo, too.       WS teaching me how to use her glockenspiel        WS’s classes being over until January; I sense some welcome moments of boredom ahead!        Our Clover Kids holiday party was so much fun, after we had a few mishaps on the way there. We ate, sang, exchanged homemade gifts (she gave her Secret Santa an ornament she painted; hers gave her some homemade slime!), and practiced for caroling at My Place this weekend. We also took WS to see a live nativity afterward.   

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