Things I Love Thursday

Today my little wood sprite turns six, and the thing I’m loving most is that she’s come so far and that she’s in my life. She’s my favorite person, my favorite thing I’ve ever done, and I am so blessed to have her. Here is what I wrote about her on Facebook:

Six years ago today, I had an emergency C-section three months early with a 1-pound baby I’d been in love with long before she was born. This little wood sprite surpassed all odds, ethereally, calmly developing as we all worried and waited, embodying her name even in infancy… Today she’s a pint-sized sage, my tangible proof that miracles do happen, that love and trust are powerful magic, and that every moment is a gift. Happy birthday, Sagean Eva-Marie, my tiny dancer, my viking with the moon eyes. ♥

This week, I’m also loving…

* Nyquil, Theraflu, Burt’s Bees cough drops, and anything else that’s helping me feel just a bit better  *  gorgeous fall weather, when it’s here!  *  Show Me Readers Club  *  getting my new planner ready for November  *  the new show, Once Upon a Time  *  crafting with wood sprite during the rare moments I’ve got energy (this bronchitis is kicking my butt!)  *  watching our two new kittens, Noke (Princess Mononoke) and Luna, chase each other through the house  *  relatives and friends who help out when you’re sick (and even when you’re not!)  *  having a semi-clean house  *  Cyndi Lauper  *  Wood Sprite’s easygoing calmness, even when I’m ill and not up for reading or playing  *  this great sample of Yes to Carrots lip balm I got for free with our cat worm meds, of all things  *  the big pumpkin WS won at game night

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