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Things I love Thursday

It’s been hard to find things I love this week. We are rehoming our beloved dog, finances seem worse than ever (as do the ants and other summer bugs), the heat is getting me stir-crazy, we had to turn down tickets to a concert I’m dying to go to (and a couple of events with friends/family), and I’m just sort of miserable. September, you couldn’t come soon enough this year!

So if today’s list seems forced, well, maybe it is. But these are the days during which it’s most important to think of things we love and are grateful for…

new work projects  *  visiting with my favorite aunt  *  taking C. to the eye doctor and having an A-OK prognosis  *  free bowling coupons  *  Totoro going to a good foster mom…  *  fun math charts with Wood Sprite (that involve lots of people)  *  spending lots of time with WS this week and getting nearly every project she wants to do done  *  getting the house relatively clean and some bills caught up  * having food, shelter, water, and clothing  *  indoor plumbing  *  electricity