Many Meds Kids Use Not Tested on Kids in the First place

Knowing how many thousands of kids are on medication is already disheartening; knowing that many of these meds aren’t even tested for children is even scarier.

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Were Your Child’s Meds Tested for Children?

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One thought on “Many Meds Kids Use Not Tested on Kids in the First place”

  1. things i am grateful for today…

    * new homeschool groups and meeting more unschoolers
    * beautiful summer days; today was one of those perfect weather days
    * thats’a nice’a pizza
    * megamind while working
    * the cats taking care of rodents, even if it’s sad
    * waking up from a horrible dream and realizing it wasn’t real
    * ice water out of my FAVORITE poison ivy glass!
    * fountain sodas
    * game night coming up ~let the laughter commence! I need these smiles!~
    * tucking Wood Sprite up in her bed at night “snug as a bug in a peanut butter and jelly belly bean rug”
    * so many invites for fall activities, b-days, and other shindigs; we’re going to have to manage our time even better
    * science experiments, even though Mr. Sara ended up spewing us all with vinegar when a balloon had a hole in it…!
    * kindness
    * empathy
    * other homeschoolers! did i mention other homeschoolers?
    * waltzing with WS as we sang our bedtime song tonight–and her flossing on her own!
    * The bunny hopping on my laptop; he’s so small he doesn’t even make the keys click
    * in a sentence. sigh, i love that place.
    * a much-needed nap this afternoon
    * wood sprite saying we would play in her dreams since she had to sleep while I worked 🙂 she also came stomping in after bedtime announcing that we were having fun without her and she would have none of it!
    * switching from the old planner to the new one (still!)
    * finding old nightmare before xmas stickers and plastering them in said planner
    * a clean house (even if only for a few seconds!)
    * friends who lend an ear, which is often even more helpful than a hand (thanks D, T, A and S!)
    * free classes everywhere, from lowe’s to powder valley to the library

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