Another Hard Week to Love

This layoff is taking its toll on our family. I think the financial stress is the main barrier to my otherwise usually positive outlook, especially in times right now when so many traditional schoolers are surrounding us and hurling accusatory questions and assumptions in our direction. Why is it okay for them to do this, again, when it’s apparently not for me to do it quid pro quo, or over their spanking or smoking or whatever else? I’ve been on the “fringe” receiving end of such vitriolic spewage, whether it was for my weight or my religion or whatever, but for some reason when it comes to parenting, it feels the most personal, the most hurtful.

I was definitely better at handling this stuff when I wasn’t the sole breadwinner, we weren’t so behind on bills, and we had an extra $1,200 or so a month! Please keep your fingers crossed that my husband will get a job soon, and be sure to send any leads you might know of our way.

With that out of the way, here are a few things I’m loving this week…
~ The Hunger Games footage to be shown during the VMAs this weekend
~ Family Game Night coming up
~ A dizzying number of field trips and playgroups to attend; we’re having to choose which ones to go to and which to skip because there are literally things every day (and the main concern people seem to have is over the socialization?)
~ Gobstoppers while I’m up late working
~ A new babysitter and a date next weekend!
~ Guillermo del Toro’s newest, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
~ Wood Sprite’s love of Sly and the Family Stone and Journey
~ My husband’s homemade fries
~ Having gas in the car, when we have it
~ Letting things go, when we can…
~ The few nights of sleep without nightmares
~ The brighter days
~ Fall is coming!

One thought on “Another Hard Week to Love”

  1. things i am grateful for today…

    –my guy cleaning out some weeds & fixing the water line & making dinner
    –TV-free day
    –a fridge with groceries
    –plenty of TP
    –my leg pain almost gone
    –our collective health and wellness
    –getting a nap in
    –support from fellow HSers and USers
    –library books & programs
    –SHARE and all of the cool stuff they provide
    –special projects from work
    –having hand soap, dish soap, & laundry detergent
    –getting a shower when so many have no water
    –eating when so many starve
    –keeping cool in the hot weather; keeping warm in the cold
    –being able to get water right from the tap
    –our family, friends, & pets & their health
    –my awesome long nails and the weird shapes they grow into
    –birth control
    –fall weather moving in
    –the new job or awesome lifestyle and LUCK that is falling into our laps any moment now…
    –horseback lessons for WS at such a reasonable rate with a dear friend this fall
    –bowling club with fellow HSers at super cheap rates this fall
    –passing love notes in the bathroom in our sudoku book
    –taekwondo teachers who rock
    –people who love & support you
    –booking the reptile guy WS wanted for her birthday
    –swapping movies with loved ones
    –being in control of my mental faculties
    –living somewhere where we can choose how to live, for the most part
    –freedom of speech
    –freedom of thought & the sharing of ideas
    –having so many support venues and research available; works by Gatto, Holt, Kohn, Olsen, Lewellyn, and so many others
    –learning from mistakes
    –incredible blessings
    –accepting help when it is available

    “miracles find me now…”

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