Back to School for Homeschoolers/Unschoolers

Sometimes, I wish I lived in a world where living with authenticity and nonconformity could be embraced just a teensy bit more… Forgive the bitterness that is sure to be in this post; it’s just that all summer long, our homeschooling lifestyle was filled with other HSers and support.

I sort of forgot what it was like to be around people who don’t understand us–or who don’t try to, or want to, at least. Now that the school season is upon us, it’s back to the criticism, questions, and accusatory statements that put us on the defense once again. And we’re just starting! We’re going to have to defend our entire lives forever.

How I used to love fall…

Of course, if you have to ask if it’s worth it, you definitely don’t know us. 🙂

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
What Back to School is Like for For An Unschooler

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