Things I Love Thursday

I have a new planner for next year that I am DYING to fill out but I have to wait until I have a good, full day off. I got it for a measly four bucks during all of these crazy back to school sales! Other than that new treasure, this week I am loving…

Mild weather! I’m really hoping those 90s and 100s are on their way out for the year      Impromptu park trips after errands       Wood Sprite being lovey-dovey and silly when it gets close to bedtime      Free field trips! I’ve scheduled 4 homeschool trips to the MO History Museum for families who are interested      Sweet love notes from my husband in our shared Sudoku book       making enough money to pay back (some) people I owe! It’s making enough to pay the rest that’s tricky…       laughing hard over the dumbest stuff; when I say I don’t need drugs to be high, I am not kidding       sleeping 8 hours THREE nights this week! I’m on a roll…      Teaching WS to say “fecal matter” instead of “s***” so she’ll feel important with a new “big word,” then hearing her scream, “Fecal Matter Forever!” in the store parking lot over and over again…      playdates with BFFs (for both of us)      waking up from really bad dreams and realizing that they weren’t real       half-price video store specials! It seems as if we’ve seen more movies this month than we’ve seen all year     power-washed decks (thanks for letting us borrow it, Dad!)      River attacking my hand every time I itch a mosquito bite      making a dozen silly face pencil toppers with WS at the library (it was a team effort; all three of us got crafty that afternoon)      playing old 80s Nintendo with my guy over the weekend       Jack Johnson       movies that are truly kid-appropriate, like Ramona & Beezus       My guy’s amazing homemade french fries      “Not Back to School” celebrations: I heard about this great idea from another homeschooling mom and decided we need to do it, too! We’ll probably hit Mary’s Sweet Shop as soon as we get a chance       smudging with Wood Sprite; she knows the blessing by heart and can do the whole thing by herself now       WS bringing home nuts, weird rocks, and whatever else she finds “for her collection” that I didn’t even know existed 😉       an ants-less house for two weeks now, since we found the nests!      WS mixing her own paint colors without my help–when did this happen?       WS’s obsession with nutrition; I’ve never seen anything like it! What other kid asks how much “fiver” is in a food?      playing with Aqua Sand, though it was difficult to clean       blessings in disguise       new friends & fall playdates

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