Things I Love Thursday

It’s amazing how much of a difference one week makes! While I was drowning in despondency last Thursday, today I’m feeling pretty darn good (even will allergies)! Today I’m lovin’…

Days spent with my sisters    Crazy Stupid Love (which is oddly a bit like a screenplay I once wrote)    Billy Joel    Wood Sprite headbanging to “We Will Rock You” in the back seat of the car    the pretzel guy chastising Mr. Sara about telling WS to “stop asking questions;” it didn’t really apply to us (he was telling her to stop asking the same question–if she could buy something–over and over again) but what he must say to other parents! It just made me grin    getting organized & cleaning out junk    Wood Sprite being chased by her bunny; I am surprised at how snuggly he is    the pain of losing Totoro starting to wane (though I still think of him every day and wonder how he is…)    getting a ton of new projects to work on! Yay for novelty and new things!    birthday cake ice cream     Let Me In, one of the most stirring films I’ve ever seen    True Grit, another awesome film    The latest teen novels I’ve read: Push, Stargirl, and Love, Stargirl    Making googley-eyed fish with WS    having all of our summer birthday presents bought and ready for the kids they go to    getting in TWO full nights of sleep this week!    Over a hundred new books purchased for less than 20 cents each from a yard sale!    Paramore    potato soup    COOLER WEATHER!    finally finding flossers that WS might be able to use on her own…    connecting with kindred souls    new communities, blogging opportunities, and homeschool groups     fall field trips!    kidnapping my aunt and making her day when it would have otherwise been ruined    having not one but two of my cats suddenly, after years, becoming “lap cats” in their old age    Wood Sprite trying to read my “picture-less” books    WS “feeding” me alien food (aka playdough)    Spotify!    WS’s journaling

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