Things I Love Thursday

free books in the mail      new babysitter prospects!      making crafts with Wood Sprite & her BFF      having a family cell phone      businesses working with you rather than against you       art attack night at the library, in which Wood Sprite insisted on drawing in all of her own pictures rather than simply coloring what was given      WS’s first independent puppet show, featuring a Cerberus (from Harry Potter) and a caribou       long overdue calls with good friends       Mr. Sara helping brush out all of the hitchhikers from the dog’s coat with me       Totoro chasing the cats, while the cats try to figure out our newest family member, a little dwarf bunny named Chocolate Chip (WS’s naming tenancies are unfortunately getting a bit tamer)       super fun challenges at In a Sentence and Wordstew on Facebook      Nitro Joe at NW library       tortilla soup, mmm      trying out new places to work      treasure hunts with Wood Sprite      Easy A      Rosario Dawson & Emma Stone     the boys of The Hunger Games issue of Entertainment Weekly! I’m beginning to like Hutcherson as Peeta…       trying new dances with Wood Sprite       singing “Rolling in the Deep” with WS; I’m pretty sure this is the first whole song, other than a children’s song, that she’s memorized completely      Stargirl        “Show Me Your Teeth”

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