Things I Love Thursday

Even though I’ve been sick this week (with some kind of flu bug?) and having nasty tooth pain, I’ve still managed to be rather productive, and that’s one thing I’m pretty darn grateful for! I’m also loving…

my new Spotify account, which is amazing!      free movie channel trials on TV, which couldn’t come at a better time (Wood Sprite is watching a free new cartoon movie while I work)      air conditioning: I think everyone is incredibly grateful for that right now!      a fridge full of groceries       music class lined up for Wood Sprite in the fall      extra projects assigned from work (and getting them done quickly!)      high-rated articles & generally writing about food      getting more things paid up or off, and making deals for the ones we’re behind on      bags of fresh pears, mmmm       surprise iced coffees from my fave aunt       a lovely, lovely, lovely date day, courtesy of my mom & sister      seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 during said date day      catching up on a little sleep      Neil Gaiman’s M is for Magic        Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap: Darke      Wood Sprite’s hilariousness, from potato songs to wanting to put sprinkles on everything      surprise ice cream adventures      The Glee Project–I didn’t like it much at first, and I’m still not really attached to it, but I do enjoy watching the performances

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