Things I Love Thursday

Aside from the mental stress I’m still experiencing, things are looking better this week. I wish I could say the same for Joplin and other areas affected by tornadoes. If you can, please give to their relief funds here.

As for things I’m loving this week…

how Missourians are coming together to help the people of Joplin; I saw that they are running out of room for donated goods on the news last night!      my daughter’s new mouse, Blue (okay, I don’t love her yet, but she is growing on me)      Kurt and Rachel singing Wicked-ly together on the Glee finale (perhaps the only good thing about the last episode?)      WordPress getting more user-friendly       post-fight makeups with my husband, which were SO needed after months of tension in this house      an upcoming date day this weekend! The first in months!      most of the cast of The Hunger Games; I’m hoping Lenny Kravitz will prove me wrong and give my third favorite character justice       finding orange flavored Airheads!      paying a bunch of bills, including crossing off a credit card and a loan for good      surviving all of these storms with very minimal house damage       Wood Sprite asking for play dates with her cousins (need to set those up…)      working at Monkey Joe’s, which was actually quite productive       visiting with my sister and father earlier this week, although it was all too brief      watching the cats freak out over said sister’s tiny dog; I could just see their faces all confused, like “Um, what is that thing?”       The Sisters Grimm, a pretty awesome book series       babysitting my brother-in-law’s cute cat while he and his wife are on their honeymoon       Cam and Mitchell adopting another baby in the fall on Modern Family! Squee!      Listening to my body when it tells me it’s tired and sleeping a bit more this week      sweet end-of-the year, seriously cheap book fairs       reading Catching Fire out loud with my husband (and getting my sister onto the series)  

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