Things I Love Thursday

Today’s a snow day! And if you’re snowed in or just feel like playing with 10 super fun words, come play at Creative Copy Challenge today, where Challenge 111 features word prompts chosen by yours truly. Here is my own wacky entry!

Things I’m Loving This Week…

Glee! I always said I’d never watch a sitcom, since when I was a kid I just hated them, but I’ve suddenly found myself obsessed with this darn show.  Singstar–still playing a few times a week!  Leven Thumps–can’t wait to read the rest of the series.  snow  seeing deer in the backyard again  watching Supernatural, yet another TV show; I’m afraid my brain may be turning to mush  interlibrary loans  cool new craft books from Highlights  playing weather phenomenon games with Wood Sprite and her zoobles (today it was a tornado)  having a relatively clean house  compliments from strangers  bubblegum oldies  our new blu-ray player  planning for next weekend’s date day  reading The Hunger Games out loud with TJ  Wood Sprite’s constantly changing request for a dog (yesterday it was a black lab, though the day before it was a “germy leopard” (German shepherd), and it keeps varying)  new blog subscribers (wink, wink!)  singing The Requiem in the shower (especially with my scrumdilluptious sugar scrub)  open days filled with promise  free family films series

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