Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been feeling really blue today for no apparent reason (well, there are plenty, but they’re always there; they just seem darker today), and despite all of the positivity I’ve been trying to inflect the month with, I can’t seem to shake these doldrums.

I could go on a Margaret Cho, Louis CK, and George Carlin video hunt on YouTube, but I’m working. As I was sorting through my list of ideas (and scrolling through my Google Reader to see if there was anything I missed), I came across a new blog I’m following, Gala Darling, which is a gorgeous self-care hub.  Every Thursday, Gala Darling posts a list of things she loves known appropriately as Things I Love Thursday, and I think I should make that a tradition for myself, too–if not to post here, then at least in my journal.So here is my list for my first Things I Love Thursday.

~The crunchy noise of the fall leaves as they drift across the porch
~Sage turning five next week (which also makes me sad at the same time)
~ Enough Halloween plans to make one’s head spin…
~ Like Gala Darling, I love Chopped, too!
~ My wicked awesome Poison Ivy glass
~ Instructors who will let you make payment arrangements for classes
~Pictures of Sage taken by her aunt Jess, like the one above
~ Spontaneous napping
~ Halloween stickers (Okay, stickers period, but especially Halloween ones)
~ Making plans for our first road trip as a family!
~ The Daily Squee. I don’t care if people think I’m lame for this; not anymore, anyway.
~ Apple cider
~ Leaving messages on people’s voice mail until there’s no space left
~ Raking up my compost pile and smelling the gorgeous scent of the earth
~ New jumbo incense sticks


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