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Stop the Ivory Trade

Female Talk
10 Things Girls Can Learn From Bella Swan

10 Things to Do with a Vampire Dildo

New Orleans Flowers
The Firecracker Plant

Parenting Report
Happy Tooth Fairy Day!


Great Pacific Garbage Patch the Size of Texas: Coincidence?

Japanese Politics & Culture
Japan to Ignore Any Bluefin Tuna Bans

Maersk Air Charter Line
Kevin Smith: Too Fat to Fly?

Solidarity House
Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts Continue

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Papermaking for Preschoolers

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Pacific Garbage Patch Grows to Size of Texas

What Would Jerry Do?

Garcia, of course, not Springer or Lewis…

Philadelphia Flowers
Sugar Magnolia, Blossoms Blooming…

Colorado Springs Flowers
Colorado Blue Spruce Sports Souped Up Seed Cones

Chicago Flowers
Shagbark Hickory of Chicago

New York Flowers
New York Ironweed

Dallas Flowers
Dallas Buffalo Grass: Perfect for a Texas Backyard Garden


I think my absolute favorite part of Up is Doug’s little squirrel joke

Columbus Flowers
Ohio Squirrel Corn

Pittsburgh Flowers
Holy Rollers and Monkeys Mixing in Pittsburgh

Omaha Flowers
Pretty Purple Gentians

Memphis Flowers
Memphis Foxglove for the (Faint of) Heart

Phoenix Flowers
Gorgeous Globemallow of Arizona

Peace, Love, Flowers

Flowers Talk
In Defense of Flowers as Medicine

Denver Flowers
Pretty Black-Eyed Susan Flowers of Denver

Oklahoma City Flowers
Texas Buckeye: Native to Oklahoma, Too

Cleveland Flowers
Trout Lilies of Cleveland

Parenting Book Club
Parenting with Love and Logic: A Nice Premise with a Disappointing Explanation

IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Dogwood and Singing Pigs

Miami Flowers
Jamaica Caper: Miami’s Exotic Tree

Virginia Beach Flowers
Virginia’s State Flower and Tree: The Flowering Dogwood

Picture Book Club
Piggies in a Polka

Washington DC Flowers
U.S. Botanic Garden: The Living Plant Museum of D.C.

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American Crossword Puzzle Week